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1983 Chevy 1500 - Hammerhead

Old School Chevy

Chris HamiltonWriterRobert SnowPhotographer

You may already be familiar with the Hammerhead Truck. It was featured last issue in our (add month and prior link) Mud Girl of the month. Our editors like the look and style of this truck so much that they thought it needed to be used as a full feature. It’s rare that we come across a clean old school Chevy like this one. The attention to detail and bright orange paint really make this truck stand out amongst others. Not to mention, its owner is crazy behind the wheel. Keith Spiker and family have Offroad in their blood. Growing up, Keith’s father had Spikers owned his own Monster Truck, All American, that was used in competitions. The famous Lakeland Motorsports park is also owned by the Spiker Family so Keith is no stranger to the mega truck scene.

Keith knew that he wanted a truck, but he wanted something that would be competitive on a racing level. He turned to longtime friend Chris Haygood. Haygood has had a lot of experience in truck building and has helped build some of the fastest trucks in the south. They started with a 1983 1500 long bed Chevy regular cab. Spiker and Haygood ditched the stock Chevy frame and built a custom box frame. Box frames are becoming extremely common in the Mega Truck industry because of their lightness, strength and cost effectiveness. The Hammerhead Truck also sports a set of TNT nitrogen shocks on all four corners. Spiker chose to use a four-link suspension with aluminum four link bars and chromoly heim joints. A set of shortened 2-1/2-ton Rockwells were thrown under the truck to keep Spikers from breaking axles.

Even if you have never met Keith Spiker, just by looking at his truck you can tell he’s a stickler for having nice things. The entire undercarriage of the Chevy was powder coated by Jerrigan Custom Coating. He then turned to long time family friends, Fransicos Paint and Body to give the hammerhead all its bling. The meticulous attention to detail and sweet choice of paint color go along with Spikers need to win attitude.

Obviously with a name like Hammerhead, the predator had to have a lot of bite. Spiker slammed a 512ci Chevy motor under the hood of the ‘83 long bed. Like most racers, Spiker was reluctant to relinquish any details on his power plant but told Mud Life that his big-block Chevy had a lot of modifications and a gang of nitrous on board. A TH400 transmission by Gavin transfers the power to an SCS transfer case with quick change gear ratios. The fuel system was completely designed and installed by Scott Carlton and helped give Spiker the upper hand at most competitions. A custom set of Chris Haygood designed wheels wrapped in BKT smoothed and cut tractor tires give this Hammerhead all the traction it needs.

Having only taken three weeks to build from the ground up, this truck has really proven itself time and time again. Spiker admits that without the support and help of his friends and family he would have never gotten his truck completed. With appearances on the famed Trucks Gone Wild DVD and now a full spread in Mud Life Magazine, we hope this hammerhead doesn’t get out of its tank!

Body: 1983 Chevy Truck
Suspension : Triangulated 4-link with TNT Shocks
Motor: 512 C.I. BBC with Nitrous
Horsepower: 750+
Transmission: Turbo 400
Tires: 14.9x24
Transfer Case: SCS
Driver/Owner: Keith Spiker
Special Thanks/Sponsors: Mike and Sandy Spiker, Chris Haygood, Franciscoís Paint and Body, Tim Gavin, LD Howell, Tommy Detailing