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Trails and Tents Tour 2006 Offroad Adventure - Day 5

Day Five: Friday, Dec 8, 2006
Flagstaff, AZ to Needles, CA

Total Miles Traveled: 1726
Run-ins With The Law: 0
Number of Fill-ups: 8
Average MPG: 16.21
Best MPG: 18.61

Senior Editor Ken Brubaker

Today's notes:

We're done. After a great night's sleep at the Needles, California KOA Campground (it was so warm I slept without the rainfly on my Coleman Evanston tent so I could see the moon and stars before heading back to the snowy Midwest) we broke camp for the last time and drove to Los Angeles to conclude our tour. The other campers were probably glad to see us leave. It seems Holman set off the H3's security system alarm late in the evening. I had nothing to do with it, I swear. Heck, I was in the shower.

When we left L.A. last Sunday to begin the "Trails & Tents Tour," we really didn't know what to expect- after all, the tour was such a radical departure from last year's H2our De Force. All we knew was that we wanted to explore the Arizona backcountry (New Mexico too, but it never happened), and we wanted to do it in a limited number of days, just like you would if you were on a set number of vacation days.

What we learned is that with proper planning and the right equipment, a relaxing off-highway vacation is within reach of anyone with a capable four-wheel-drive vehicle, the right equipment and a curious spirit. Speaking of equipment, we'll give you the lowdown on the hand-chosen items we brought along in the May issue of Four Wheeler. In the June and July issue of Four Wheeler we'll delve into the trip in gory detail.

I have to thank Hummer for making the H3 available to us. We flogged it and it came through with flying colors. There are so many things to like about this rig, and its no-nonsense capabilities made a believer out of me. Coleman and Black & Decker also deserve a big hand because they provided some very cool products and we're excited to show them to you in detail in the May issue.

Thanks for reading. Now go 'wheeling.

Tech Editor Sean P. Holman

Well it is the final day and we are already back in Los Angeles, safe and sound with nothing but stories of adventure to share. After being on the road for five day, it sure is nice to finally be home, except for that pile of mail on our desks and the blinking light on our phones. From here Ken heads back to the Midwest bureau where he'll no doubt look forward to building snowmen on his farm.

Overall this was a great trip, taking us though the back country of Arizona, allowing us to explore dirt roads at our leisure with no time frame on where to be and when to be there. We'd like to thank Hummer for our H3, Coleman for all the great camping gear that kept us warm and comfortable at night, and Black and Decker for the cool gadgets that are well worth their weight in gold in the backcountry.

We've already got some ides for next year's trip brewing, so until then you can look for the Trails and Tents stories starting with the May issue of Four Wheeler.

Thanks for reading!