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Trails & Tents Tour 2006 Off Road Adventure

Like a bad dream that repeats itself over and over, our misbehaved boys are at it again. Reminiscent of last year's H2our De Force, Four Wheeler Tech Editor Sean Holman and Senior Editor Ken Brubaker have loaded up a Hummer and disappeared from the office for another off-highway adventure. Christened the "Trails & Tents Tour", the boys are heading to Arizona and New Mexico for some backcountry exploration. They're driving a 2006 Hummer H3, using Coleman's latest high-tech camping gear and Black & Decker's newest cool outdoor products.

You can see photos and read gory details of the Deranged Duo's progress by logging on to fourwheeler.com daily. Daily updates begin Monday, December 4, and continue through Friday, December 8. You've been warned.