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The Beautiful Ladies of Mud Life

Some of the Finest Event Girls in the Nation

Kevin McNultyPhotographer, Writer

It’s not always about high-horsepower Mega Trucks, blown alcohol burning rails, blasting through deep mud bogs in a retired farm rig, or cutting loose on ATV’s and UTV’s. Sometimes it’s just about the girls of Mud Life! Whether we’re chained to our desks in the office or doing our thing at mud events; our thoughts and attention always seems to wander back to the hottest hard partying girls in the nation.

After returning from a couple mud events and photo shoots in preparation for Mud Life’s All Girl Special issue (December/January 2014) we sat down and started pouring over the photos of hundreds of incredibly beautiful women. The girls we combed through were so inspiring we couldn’t wait for the next issue of Mud Life and just had to share a few of them with you now. Enjoy …