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The March 2014 Girls Of Mud Life

The Women Who Spice Up Our World!

Kevin McNultyWriterRicky B WilsonPhotographer

We’ve spent the past few months roaming the nation looking for the best mud events we could find that would get us hip-deep in the lifestyle and perhaps in a little bit of trouble too! We made our way from Florida to Alabama and then to Texas and back again looking for the best action. We hit the truck and racing events, parties, and free-for-all boggin’ and had an absolute blast. Wherever we landed we always found what we were looking for—while never missing the beautiful, welcoming, and friendly smiles of the mud girls.

We had an absolute blast in Texas at Rednecks With Paychecks for the park’s Halloween event. Texas hospitality is incredible and more fun than we can admit to. The women here were just as friendly as can be! We also had our senses wowed by the girls at Mud Muckers, Redneck Yacht Club, LCross, and the BamaJam event in Alabama. We hope you find them just as pleasing and fun-loving as we did. Enjoy!