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Women & Their Jeeps

We won’t say that Jeep Chix is the most popular edition of Sideways. You guys say that for us! It’s gotten to the point that we’re actually getting nasty letters from both male and female readers when we don’t run photos of cute Jeep girls. So, are we going to go all-chicks all the time? Well, probably not. But the more submissions we get, the more Jeep Chix installments we can tantalize you with, so send ’em on in. Either snail-mail your submission to Jp Magazine, Attn: Jeep Chix, 831 S. Douglas St., El Segundo, CA 90245, where we’ll probably just toss it in the ol’ circular file. Or much better, email your high-res images (include name and age of model and state/city taken) to with “Jeep Chix” in the subject line.

Apply Sunscreen
My husband and I spent the day in Corolla, North Carolina, on the beach with other Jeep enthusiasts. He took this picture of me in his ’06 TJ Sport. I have an ’06 Jeep Liberty. We love our Jeeps!

Kimberly Wisneski
Via email

Blaze Away
This is Blaze. She is my security system on my ’12 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited. She’s an Idaho girl, and yeah, she really knows how to shoot that thing.
Via email

She Welds
Here’s Mara Mathews, age 21, learning to weld from a ’55 CJ-5 Willys with an on-board welder. A friendly rock punched a hole in the rear diff cover.
Wes Teseniar
Lincolnton, NC

Tailgate Accessories
I saw the article in Jp called Jeep Chix, so I had to send you a photo of myself in my original V-8 ’77 Jeep CJ-7.

Via email

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