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Mud Girls! - Mud Life; From a Girl’s Perspective

A look from the other side

Chris HamiltonPhotographerDoug HalePhotographerColleen HamiltonWriter

Who said that girls can’t have fun playing in the mud? An opportunity to break away from our regular lives and spend the entire weekend riding through deep mud pits in massive mega trucks? Sign me up! I personally love getting dirty and partying in the woods with my friends, but which self-respecting Southern girl wouldn’t? So now you know exactly what this Florida mud girl was doing over the last few weeks at the L-Cross MudFest and the St. Lucie Mud Jam in South Florida.

Being a hardcore Jeep girl myself, I was thrilled to get a chance to take a ride in one of the nastiest Jeeps I have ever seen while at L-Cross. Jack Chiong, from Miami was nice enough to take us girls on the ride of our lives in the deepest pit L-Cross had on site. This one-of-a-kind Jeep JK has a built 350ci Chevy motor in it that sounds awesome. After a full day a muddin’, the sun went down and the party was on!

Don’t think that girls are only good for eye candy in the passenger seat of your truck either. My girl Susan from AP Motorworks was at Mud Jam slingin’ mud in her so-called Cheap Jeep. Of course we can’t forget about Brittany and her extremely badass teal Jeep. You will be seeing much more of her in upcoming issues, we promise.

These girls are proof that real Southern girls love to get just as dirty as those silly boys. Throw in a few shirtless country boys and that sounds like my kind of weekend!