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Mud Girls! - Mud Life; From a Girl’s Perspective

Mud Life From a Girl’s Perspective

Doug HalePhotographerColleen HamiltonWriter

For years, country girls from the South have been slingin’ mud right alongside the boys in their own homemade mud trucks. It may have started out as groups of good ole boys drinking beer in the woods, but eventually they let their girlfriends tag along and now you can’t keep us away. Mudding is one of the fastest growing off-road activities in the U.S. and continues to get more popular every day. There are literally hundreds of events being organized over thousands of acres of mud all over the U.S. and even Canada. Crowds of spectators pack these events to watch and participate in the races, truck pulls, and bounty holes. This may not be your parent’s idea of mud bogging, but I love it and all my girlfriends do too.

For me, the best part about the super-fast growth of this dirty sport is that the mud girls are starting to give the big boys a real run for their money. I’ve seen mud girls who aren’t afraid to get dirty while plowing through the thickest mud pits in the South. They seem to have no fear once they’re behind the wheel of a jacked-up rig. These are the girls you won’t see on those silly fake mudding shows on TV because we’re not looking for the attention—we just want to win! Real mud girls build their rigs and drive their rigs, and they love to break their rigs. What’s even better is that a hardcore mud girl can even fix her own truck. Naturally the men will come over and try to help us out, but we just tell them to grab us a beer because, “I got this.”

For MudLifeMagazine.com, I will be interviewing different mud girls for some fascinating articles on the life of a mud princess. Some of us own trucks and some own buggies, but either way it’s all the same mentality. We just want to have fun! Send me an email at editor@mudlifemagazine.com if you have any mud girl suggestions. Until next time, see you at the mud park!