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September 2014 Mud Girl Of The Month - Shay Thomas

A Girl That Loves Mud & Guns!

Chris HamiltonPhotographer, Writer

Hometown: Jacksonville, Florida
Favorite sport: I love watching Florida Gator’s football.
Favorite outdoor activities: Shooting all kinds of guns.
Favorite 4x4 truck: I like any Ford or Chevy, as long as it’s lifted on big mud tires.
What I do for fun: I love to hang out at the beach with a good drink, riding down some old dirt roads on ATVs, going out for a ride on the boat, and most importantly I love to party with my friends!
What I do for work: I’m just a normal girl at a workers compensation office.
Pets: I have a lab/pit mix named Luke Duke and a beta fish named Whiskers. Don’t judge me. ;-)
Accomplishments: My full-time job is quickly turning into a great career. I’m also a part-time, nationally published model. And recently I started living on my own, which is great.
A typical weekend for me: There’s really no such thing as a typical weekend for me. I’m always doing something fun and exciting. Typical for me could be anything from lying out in the sun to getting muddy at our local mud hole.