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Child Safety - Catching Up (with Katie)

Car Seats For Jeeps

KatieWriterLevi JansmaPhotographer

In the beginning of 2013, I was getting my ’86 CJ-7 ready for a big local event, Rock Junction. The main thing that was in my head was how in the heck I was going to fit two car seats in the back seat of the CJ-7. For me, car seats are super important. I’m a little car seat crazy, to tell you the truth.

If you don’t know about the back of the seat of a CJ-7, well, it’s tiny. We are talking 34 inches between the wheelwells. I looked and read everything and anything trying to find a car seat that my two little girls would be safe in while Jeeping, whether on pavement or the trail. I found a brand called Diono. Personally, I chose their Radian RXTs. They are by far the smallest car seats I have ever seen!

Their dimensions are 281⁄2 by 17 by 16 inches. Yes, I can fit two of them in the back of the CJ-7. I haven’t even gotten to the best part about these seats: They have an alloy steel frame! They still have some plastic but mostly just to dress them up. All that steel and plastic is wrapped in memory foam so they are super comfy. Yes, I have sat in them. I can’t make my girls sit in a seat all day while Jeeping if it’s like sitting on a wooden bench. The seats have a 10-year life span, which is double that of your average car seat. However, it’s not a light car seat at about 30 pounds, so it is a bit of a workout to move between my JK and CJ. But the seats are well worth their weight when we want to get out on the trail.

Radian RXTs are a convertible/booster car seat that will seat a child from 5 to 120 pounds. This seat supports the highest weight for a five-point-harness seat—120 pounds. It has 12 height positions for adjustable head support. My oldest is 5 years old and still in the five-point, and she will be for a while if I have a say. As we all know, five-point harnesses are safer on- and off-road. The cover is machine washable and dryable. What parent doesn’t love to be able to toss it in the washer? For this Jeep chick and my little Jeep girls, these are by far the best seats and the only seats I will use until they don’t need car seats anymore. See you soon!