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Ladies of SEMA 2014

Smiles All Around

Jeremy CookPhotographerAnthony SoosPhotographer, Writer

SEMA is all about gathering as much attention as possible to get attendees interested in the products that are in the booth. One way to do that is to make the booth look welcoming and friendly with a smiling face sitting right up front, encouraging folks to check out what the booth has to offer. With over 1.6 million square feet of exhibit space there is a whole lot to see, making the attendees have almost laser focus on what they want to see. Being able to cut through the bright lights and music is what it’s all about in order to get folks to cross that carpet threshold and set foot into a booth area, and then it’s up to the company employees to retain that interest and turn it into a positive interaction. Having a beautiful spokesmodel greeting people, handing out booth swag or signing a poster is one way to draw in attention, and nothing attracts a crowd like a crowd. Here you will find a gallery of some of the lovely ladies of SEMA 2014 that were scattered around the halls drawing our attention and just happened to have a smile at the ready for our cameras.