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The Start Of The Best Job Ever - Catching Up (with Katie)

Easter Jeep Safari

Pete TrasborgPhotographerKatie JansmaWriter

Being a lucky new free-lancer for Jp magazine, I was invited to Easter Jeep Safari (EJS) 2014 to help out in any way that I could and meet most of my co-workers. I, of course, started with Mr. Pete Trasborg once I got to Moab, Utah.

I have known Pete for a couple years. It all started at with my Jeep Chix submission and then the 21 Road trip he did with the Grand Mesa Jeep Club. I made sure I put him in his place about whose ’07 Wrangler I was driving and who would be driving it.

Anyway, back to Moab! Pete wasted no time in putting me to work. He had me model with an upholstery article for the magazine. That meant I got into a little outfit and both of us removed old seat covers and reupholstered some seats for his M-715. That was fun and, for someone that has never removed hog rings from a seat, rather hard. If I had manlier arms I could have easily pulled them out in seconds, but sorry, I like looking like a woman. I’m sure Pete got a kick out of it as I was struggling with the hog rings the whole time.

Then, we borrowed John Cappa’s J-truck after we finished the seats and did a little photo shoot. Heck, I do have a soft side for a good looking J-truck. We then took my JK and Jp’s JK out to the Kane Creek Canyon trail. I had a couple companies send me some clothes that we wanted to get some good photos for. We used both of our JKs for different shots.

Pete then got a wild hair to have me lay under his two-door Wrangler, but not before it was parked in the creek! Yep, the boss put me in a creek for a “good photo” and my lovely husband was all for it too, of course. In March, that water is cold! On the bright side, it was a warm day in Moab. Once out of the water, it was time to get a little muddy. You can’t go wrong with a romp in the mud or so I have been told (my husband had fun covering me in mud).

With all the hard work done, Pete had to run and go put on his boss-man pants (shorts). The week of Easter Jeep Safari is a busy time for Jp staff. My family and I went off to the vendor show like any normal Jeepers would do. My two girls loved the show. Between the stickers, goodie bags, coloring sheets, and “famous” industry people, it’s pretty much their favorite event each spring. We walked around Moab a bit to wind the kiddos down before we headed back for the Jp barbecue.

Once back, we got to meet the rest of staff and many more like-minded people that were at EJS that week. I must say the Jeeper in me was pretty excited to meet all these guys in person.

My family reads all their articles, follows them on social media, have learned from them, and lived through them. I spent that evening relaxing by the Mesa tops, chatting with Cappa, admiring Hazel’s and Simons’ flatties, and laughing at Pete’s ramblings. It was then I remembered why I love this hobby so much: It’s the great friends you meet and the great fun shared by all, whether it’s out on the trail or helping a buddy fix a leaking gas tank at 3 a.m.