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The Girls of SEMA 2014 - Stop the Cruelty!

Save a SEMA Model

Jerrod JonesWriterStaffPhotographer

Today we’re looking at the poor, underprivileged girls of the Las Vegas SEMA Show. Every year, the SEMA Show has an unspeakable practice of rounding up half the free-range models roaming the countryside and corralling them all into three large halls. Some of them don’t even have enough time to grab anything but their underwear as they are hauled off to the show—evidenced by some of the pictures you see before you. Sure, the models have enough room to run around and exercise in the halls, and there are many booth obstacles that are excellent for gymnastic feats, but their diets suffer. With only a few things available in the SEMA Show that suit the models’ pallets (salad, water, Saltine crackers, Diet Coke), it is no wonder that so many look like they’re wasting away.

And current signs indicate they are in fact depleting in numbers. This past 2014 SEMA Show had less booth models than ever. This is certainly not because SEMA exhibitors are realizing that models are just distractions that inhibit real work getting done, but most obviously because they are dying out due to starvation (and possible hunting practices). But you can do something about it. Send in five dollars to the Save the SEMA Girls fund here at Jp magazine, and we’ll take as many models as we can out to a nice beef rib dinner to see if we can put some meat on their bones. Act now before it’s too late!