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Katie gets Flexible With new Fenders for her Jeep - Catching up with Katie

Levi JansmaPhotographerKatie JansmaWriter

Let’s get real. Jeep owners decide to update/upgrade/change just about everything and anything we can as soon as we can. Whether it’s beefing up the front axle, getting new tires, new bumpers, or putting on different rock sliders. It was time to beef up my fenders. You know I just cut my factory fenders not too long ago, yet being a Jeep owner, when I saw something better, I had to have it.

I talked to the guys at MCE Fenders about their Flexible Fenders. Come on, you can’t tell me a flexible fender isn’t cool. Once the new fenders made it to my mailbox, I pretty much ripped off the old ones—after removing some bolts, of course. Once the old fenders were off and I had cleaned the area up, I grabbed the new MCE fenders and then clamped them on in order to mark their position on the body to drill the holes for the new bolts.

That was all very simple, and they went on rather speedy for fenders. The hardest part was getting the fender-mounting pad on. I had already cut my finder liners for the new MCE fenders because I knew they would be coming at some point. The JK does look pretty sick with them on. They are tough, and I tested them by bending and twisting them every which way and they didn’t break.

The MCE installation instructions are well written and simple to understand, and if you have any questions, the guys at MCE will help you out. I love the look of the new flat fenders, and the fact that I only have a 3 1/2-inch lift but can now fit my 37-inch Pro Comp Xtreme MT2 tires on the Jeep without any issues, even when it’s completely flexed out. That makes me one happy Jeeper.

My Jeep is also my daily driver, so I’m not ready to commit to doing full steel fenders just yet. Maybe in the future, when I have a different rig for a daily driver I will get more adventurous with body mods, but for now, it looks pretty cool driving around town and works just great on the trail.