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Sideways Readers’ Vehicles: Jeep Girls

Tori TellemWriterReadersPhotographer

This month, Sideways is all about Jeep Girls.

Keep on sending us more of these as well as vintage/military Jeeps and carnage/breakage/Sideways ones! Don’t forget the most important parts of all: who is in the photo (first and last name), where it was taken, what year/type of Jeep, and any other fun backstory info. And tell us who you are and where you’re from, if you’re not the one in the photo. Make sure the photo is high resolution—at least 1,600 pixels wide, or around 2 MB in size, and a JPG (maximum quality), BMP, or TIFF file. No PDFs. Email the photo and story to jpeditor@jpmagazine.com with the subject line Sideways.

The Blue Dragon (Not Her)
Robert Dee sent us this pic of his ’73 Wagoneer, the Blue Dragon, posed with his very own Jeep girl, his wife Ashlee. The Jeep is mostly stock. Dee told us, “After helping me buy my YJ in high school, she wanted her own Jeep, so we got her the FSJ. She wheeled the Rubicon while pregnant, wrenches on her Jeep, and actually wants Jeep parts for presents.” Robert said she also buys him Jeep parts for holidays.

16 + 2 + 99
This is Chloe, and proud pops Joshua Hewlett sent in this snap of her with his two ’99 Grand Cherokees. However, playing off-road is on hold for a moment because the maroon Jeep has rust and the silver specimen has a bad engine. “This is the day we started the engine swap, and she was very disappointed that it would be the last time she would drive the maroon one, as it was what she learned to drive in.” Ol’ Silver is due for a 6 1/2-inch lift kit and 35-inch rubber.

The Sahara By Way of Georgia
“I’m Angela Frady. I have a ’97 Wrangler Sahara. Love to go trail riding. I’m in Dawsonville, Georgia.” She really didn’t need to say more than these precise words she sent to us.

Transplanted Jeeper
“It took Fiona MacClure changing countries—she’s originally from Scotland—to discover our Jeep obsession,” explains Steve Collins of Oakville, Canada. “After owning three TJs over the years, it was time for her first new vehicle: a ’15 Wrangler, of course.”