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Ask Bree Three - January/February 2006

Ms. Bree answers questions about punishment, cowpokes, and what bunnies drink.

Ask Bree if ya wanna know what hot women look for in a Jeep. She'll answer any off-the-wall question that you get slapped for asking elsewhere. Or if you just wanna drool and stare, she's fine with that too! We hired her as Jp's official eye candy because the rest of us on staff are just plain ugly.

Write up or type questions to:

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For more pics and info about Jp's new staffer, check out www.breeonline.com.

Now if you want to ask some silly tech question, send it to Tech Editor Christian Hazel. He's married, so he doesn't know anything about women or what they want. But he can tell you what gear ratio to run or what size tires will fit on your Jeep.

1.) Ever been punished?
Bob Riggy
Bend, Oregon

Well, I have to be totally honest. As a kid growing up I was a nerd, practically a straight A student all the way through college. The biggest thing I got in trouble over was fighting with my little sister. I would get sent to my room and be told "Wait till your dad gets home." Punishment is a strong word. Those bookworm days are long gone and, by the way, my favorite reprimand now for doing a wrong deed is getting a spanking. As you can see, one of my nicknames on my Web site is Spanky. Go figure! Don't worry, I get punished on a daily basis. Three or four times a day, in fact.

2.) What goes best with chocolate milk?
Jerrod Jones
Feature Editor
4 Wheel & Off-Road

Yum! One of my favorite treats! Nothing beats a nice, tall, cold glass of chocolate milk.

So many things go with chocolate milk: Oreo cookies, a piece of banana bread, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, and, of course, my favorite, a Sunday-morning romp in bed followed by hot French toast, sprinkled with cinnamon sugar.

There is something mysterious about chocolate milk. I personally like to mix it myself. It is so cool to watch the chocolate flow through the milk. I like it pretty rich and super cold. I will put it in the freezer for 15 minutes before chugging it. It satisfies me in a heartbeat!

Once, while living in the deep South, I went to a strip club and this girl finished her act by chugging a half-gallon of chocolate milk. Wow, that was a sight!

3.) Who's your favorite cowboy?
Clyde Timmons
Jackson, Wyoming

I grew up around horses and have been riding ever since I was five years old. I love the great outdoors and the freedom of wide-open spaces.

Here's a list of my favorite cowboy things:

Singer: Johnny Cash
Bull Rider: Tuff Hedeman
Movie: Tombstone
Cowboy Boots: Ariats
Cowboy Hat: Stetson Cattleman
Cowboy Jeans: Wranglers