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Ask Bree Three - March 2006

Bree Andre answers your questions

Bree AndreWriterMark MozzierPhotographer

Ask Bree if ya wanna know what hot women look for in a Jeep. She'll answer any off-the-wall question that you get slapped for asking elsewhere. Or if you just wanna drool and stare, she's fine with that too! We hired her as Jp's official eye candy because the rest of us on staff are just plain ugly. Write up or type questions to Jp Magazine, Ask Bree Three, 6420 Wilshire Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90048 or e-mail askbreethree@yahoo.com. For more pics and info about Jp's new staffer, check out www.breeonline.com. Now if you want to ask some silly tech question, send it to Tech Editor Christian Hazel. He's married, so he doesn't know anything about women or what they want. But he can tell you what gear ratio to run or what size tires will fit on your Jeep.

1: Who's the creepiest famous person you've ever met?
Rory Clien
British Columbia, Canada

Over the past couple of years I have met some celebrities. I do not get star-struck, nor am I an obnoxious fan that has to have their autograph.One person that sticks out in my mind is Gary Busey. He is a strange cat. I met him at Arizona Bike Week a few years back. He's just really off the wall and out there. That look in his eyes and big, toothy grin ... YIKES!!! It creeps me out. He is a great actor, and I give him props for his success in the film industry. Best of luck, Gary!

2: What's the fastest thing you've been on?
Willam Painter
Somerset, Kentucky

Hands down my '04 Yamaha R1. My mom would have a fit if she knew how fast I have been on that thing. I am a speed freak, but only in the two- or four-wheel form. I love fast stuff. That is my addiction. I don't drink, smoke, or do drugs. But slap me in or on a rig that can haul major ass and I am there.The fastest I have been that was indicated on my R1's speedo was 160 mph. At that point you can't see anything. You have to rest your head on the gas tank to keep your helmet from really vibrating. For me there is nothing better than straddling the raw power of a steel horse between my legs.In the past I have taken my M3 and street bikes out to the local drag strip and raced them for fun. My reaction time is great.I have worked with the NHRA lining up the top fuel dragsters. Talk about unreal power. Those dragsters get anywhere up to 7000hp of pure power up the track at over 300 mph. When those babies take off it shakes you from the inside out, and, oh, what a feeling that is. Those dragsters are rockets on wheels.I was really close to getting hooked up with an NHRA pro-stock bike drag racing team. But I had other priorities in line at the time. So, boys, speed is my game. Can you handle it?

3: If you could spend a day with anyone currently dead who would it be?
Danica Deore
Long Beach, California

Wow, this is a hard question. There are many people I would like to meet or revisit from the past. They range from my grandparents to Steve McQueen. Although I must say, I would like to spend the day with the eighth wonder of the world, Andre the Giant. I am a huge wrestling fan and watch it all the time when I am home on Monday nights.I know you guys are just cracking up and rolling around on the ground right now, but he was amazing. He was 7 foot 4 inches tall and weighed over 500 pounds! How could I not be awestruck? Some of my favorite matches were when he would wrestle and defeat Hulk Hogan. I would love to spend the day with him and just talk to him about what it was like to be that size and to be in the ring. So now you know a little secret about me. I am a wrestling fanatic. HA-HA!!I can't wait to hear the feedback on this one.