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Ask Bree Three - June 2006 - Jeeps, Off Road, & Pictures

June 2006

Bree AndreWriterJulie RadmakePhotographer

Nearly every show we go to has half-naked ladies running around marketing the latest automotive gadget. This gives us plenty of opportunities to test our best pick-up lines -- real proven winners like, "Hi, I'm a magazine editor with no hope of ever making any real money," or, "Wow! Are those real? Can I touch 'em?" We're not sure why, but we just haven't hit pay dirt - until now. We bumped into Bree and found out she doesn't actually like us, but she likes Jeeps. We hired her so we could keep staring. You can ask her questions and stare at her picture. Run your best pick-up line by her, find out what the hottest Jeep is, or maybe get some beauty and waxing tips like Editor Cappa did. Write 'em up or type them in to:

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or e-mail askbreethree@yahoo.com.
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check out www.breeonline.com.

1) Why do they put Braille dots on the keypad of the drive-up ATM?
Brian Spencer
San Marcos, California

I am not sure on this one. I have often asked the same question myself. A logical-thinker friend of mine said ATM machines are all made by the same manufacturer in a factory. The company doesn't know if it's going to be placed outside as a drive-up or if it's going to be placed in a bank or other building. All in all, a blind person would not be driving to begin with.

2)When you choke a Smurf, what color does it turn?
Joey Fedder
Miami, Florida

Strangling a Smurf? That's an amusing thought ... hmmm. If I had to guess, I'd say it would turn purple! That's too funny!

3)If you had to pick one kind of sandwich to eat for the rest of you life, what would it be?
Benji Frank
Paterson, New Jersey

I love sandwiches! But my all-time favorite is PBJ on wheat bread with strawberry preserves. Oh! With a tall glass of chocolate milk and a bag of Doritos