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Ask Bree Three - July 2006 - Jeeps, Off Road, & Pictures

Bree AndreWriterJohn CovingtonPhotographer

Nearly every show we go to has half-naked ladies running around marketing the latest automotive gadget. This gives us plenty of opportunities to test our best pick-up lines -- real proven winners like, "Hi, I'm a magazine editor with no hope of ever making any real money," or, "Wow! Are those real? Can I touch 'em?" We're not sure why, but we just haven't hit pay dirt - until now. We bumped into Bree and found out she doesn't actually like us, but she likes Jeeps. We hired her so we could keep staring. You can ask her questions and stare at her picture. Run your best pick-up line by her, find out what the hottest Jeep is, or maybe get some beauty and waxing tips like Editor Cappa did. Write 'em up or type them in to:

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For more pics and info about Jp's new staffer, check out www.breeonline.com.

1)If you were abducted by aliens, would you kick and scream or would you let them take you just to see what actually happens?
Terry Pent
Roswell, New Mexico

Outer space amazes me with all the unknowns and what ifs! What a feeling to know that you are special or chosen; somehow I would definitely want to see what the flip side is all about. There is a lot more out there floating around in space than we will ever know. Heck, there is probably another planet Earth out there with a Miss Bree typing the answer to this same exact question.I would go, hands down, to see what another planet or spaceship would be like. As long as they returned me in one piece.

2)If you were at a shady restaurant and the server brought you the wrong meal, would you just eat it or send it back and risk spit service?
Joseph Miller
Palm Springs, California

I often eat out with my busy schedule and being on the go. I love great customer service and sitting down and enjoying some quiet time. I have worked in the food and beverage service and I don't find myself frequenting shady food establishments very often, but there are times when I am on the road and have to stop because I am completely famished. I order pretty basic stuff unless it is cheat day.And, no, I don't mean that kind of cheating, boys. I would definitely send the food back if it was not what I ordered. Heck, a little spit is nothing. I can think of a lot worse things that could and probably have been done to my meal. Eww! Let's not even go there.

3Have you ever gotten out of a speeding ticket?
Wayne Brochfield
Mesquite, Nevada

I love putting the pedal to the metal. Speed in the two- or four-wheel form is my addiction, among other things that will not be discussed here. On several occasions I have been pulled over, and I have talked my way out of a speeding ticket. But the one that stands out is when I was on my way home from the beach a few years back. It was at dusk, and I wanted to get home to catch an episode of "The Sopranos." I was very irritated because traffic was a beyotch and I had tons of sand in my tiny little swimsuit bottoms. I just wanted to get home, take a quick shower, and watch "The Sopranos." Finally, the traffic opens up, I hit the gas, and dart in and out of traffic. I am like, yes, I am going to make it in time and, all the sudden, I hear the po-po behind me. Crap! My heart dropped to my stomach and back up again in my throat. Thankfully, the cop was a he, so I had a chance. He was like, "What in the heck are you in such hurry for?" I told him straight up that I was on my way home to catch "The Sopranos." He laughed and said to me, "Well, this is your lucky day. I'm a fan as well, I'll give you a warning this time, but slow down."Thank God for my bikini!