Ask Bree Three - May 2007

May 2007

Nearly every show we go to has half-naked ladies running around marketing the latest automotive gadget. This gives us plenty of opportunities to test our best pick-up lines -- real proven winners like, "Hi, I'm a magazine editor with no hope of ever making any real money," or, "Wow! Are those real? Can I touch 'em?" We're not sure why, but we just haven't hit pay dirt - until now. We bumped into Bree and found out she doesn't actually like us, but she likes Jeeps. We hired her so we could keep staring. You can ask her questions and stare at her picture. Run your best pick-up line by her, find out what the hottest Jeep is, or maybe get some beauty and waxing tips like Editor Cappa did. Write 'em up or type them in to:

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1)Why do men have nipples?Mike KrasowskiVia e-mail

Wow, buddy, this one is out there. I believe men have nipples because they would look weird without them. I think the nipples provide a focus point for the male chest and direct the eye to the curve of the pectoral muscle.As humans, we are mammals, meaning having hair and suckling their offspring. Think about it, both genders of dogs, cats, pigs, and so on have nipples. Quite a few people end up with an extra nipple. Sometimes they can't be mistaken for anything but a nipple, and other times they look like a mole. So, all in all, I have to say nipples are nipples. That word is starting to sound really strange right about now.

2)Now that you're this famous model and all, what was your first job? Mark DryAthens, Georgia Pump the brakes. Famous, I am not! I would never even classify myself in that realm. I enjoy the everyday simple life and earning a living. I've held many jobs-from working at a privately owned video store, retail shops, restaurants, bartending, horse-farmowner and trainer, a dental hygienist, a vet assistant, a model, a personal trainer, plus many other oddball jobs to make ends meet. I work for myself now and truly enjoy it.

3)If nobody was flesh-colored and you were able to pick a color for your skin, any color (green, pink, orange, and so on), what color would you want to be?Perry St. JamesWhittier, California

I have to say my favorite color is a dark blue or black. I don't know what I would look like with dark blue skin-probably like Mystique from the X-Men. That might be pretty hot.

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