Bestop Seat Cover Install - Covering Those Old Seats

Bestop's Quality Seat Covers

Kevin McNultyPhotographer, Writer

Many of us have an old Jeep rolling around in dire need of some TLC, especially in the seat department. The big dilemma for some of us is budgeting hundreds of dollars for reupholstery costs or a complete seat replacement.

One quick and simple fix (and a great alternative to complete replacement) comes from our friends at Bestop. They offer economical seat covers for just about every Jeep produced. The covers are constructed from high-quality, water-resistant, durable material, with comfortable padding already stitched into the backing. The most attractive feature of the seat covers is that they are economical and extremely easy to install.

There aren't very many companies that manufacture seat covers for the Commando. If you can find them, they are very expensive and more like a do-it-yourself reupholstery kit. Although Bestop does not make seat covers specifically for the Commando, I ordered low-back bucket covers made for the CJ-5 and CJ-7.

I want to keep the Commando on the road and rolling around while I sort out some mechanical issues; I didn't want it down for weeks at a time while the seats were in an upholstery shop. Since I am frequently taking the Jeep for test spins and putts on the trails behind my house, the old torn seats were uncomfortable and looked like heck. The previous owners' duct tape repairs were less than desirable, and I was tired of having tape glue stuck to the back of my legs.

After ordering a set of covers from Bestop, they were out of the box and on the Jeep's seats in a matter of minutes. Bestop's CJ seat covers fit the Commando's original seats like a glove and are perhaps the easiest I have ever installed. If you are looking for a temporary or permanent seat fix, I highly recommend Bestop.

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