Xterra Rock Sliders - Protection And Peace Of Mind

ShrockWorks Rock Sliders And Hi-Lift Jack X-Treme

Jordan MayPhotographer, Writer

Now that our project Xterra has a suspension lift and a larger tire size, we decided protection would be the next best step. When searching for a company to provide a set of rock sliders, we read through all of the popular Nissan Xterra Internet forums, checked with local retailers, and then decided to give Jim at ShrockWorks in Houston, Texas, a call. Jim gave us the lowdown on the quality of his products and told us he would be happy to become part of our project vehicle build with a set of his Nissan Xterra rock sliders. Considering the feedback we received from other Xterra owners, we knew Jim's products would be strong, but we needed to see for ourselves.

Before we get into our review of how the sliders have been holding up to our testing, we have to share with you how easy it was to install them. It took us no longer than 30 or 40 minutes from the time we opened the box to the initial drive down the road. Here is a brief rundown of what we did to install our ShrockWorks rock sliders, but please, for your own safety, consult the provided instructions that come with your set of sliders before installation. Remember: safety first.

That wasn't so hard, now was it? The new sliders look beautiful and will provide myriad functions both on and off the trail. ShrockWorks sliders weight 89 pounds and come powdercoated semigloss black, dark semi-matte gray, or can be purchased in bare steel. They are sold as a set for both the driver and passenger side. For those of you running a body lift, they also make a body lift option slider.

Quick UpdateOur Rancho Quick-Lift kit has been working flawlessly on the trail. We've been adjusting the shock settings and have found setting 3 to work best on the front suspension and setting 5 in the rear. During some high-speed testing, we purposely bottomed out the suspension to check our clearance and were pleased to see only a tiny scrape from the tires hitting the inner fenderwell in the front. The BFGoodrich 285/75R16 tires are a pleasure to drive on, and during a recent trip to the mountains they provided ample traction in both the snow and on icy roads.

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