Trail Runner Winch Bumper - Steel Protection & Dependable Recovery

Trail Ready's Trail Runner Winch Bumper

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TrailReady (TR) has been one of the leaders in off-road accessories, bumpers, and beadlock wheels for quite a few years now. Recently, we installed one of TR's Trail Runner winch bumpers on a '99 Jeep Grand Cherokee we had sitting around in the parking lot. There's not much to a bumper install - it can be completed with simple handtools by just about any enthusiast with limited mechanical skills. It does, however, help to have an extra set of hands when lifting the bumper. We had our local 4WPW assist with the installation.

The newly designed Trail Runner bumper has features that give the Grand Cherokee enhanced off-road prowess and tough protection. It can handle winching loads up to 12,000 pounds and features auxiliary foglamp mounting points. The bumper is built from 1/4-inch laser-cut steel which is TIG-welded for high-quality, durable seams. To complete this dependable recovery system, we installed a Warn 9.5ti Thermometric winch with Master-Pull synthetic Superline.

The Trail Runner bumper greatly increases the vehicle's approach angle and adds a high degree of protection because of its integral lower skidplate. The OEM bumper fascia is easily removable, and once off it's just a matter of bolting on the Trail Ready's bumper bracket, then the new steel bumper.

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