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Off Road Brakes Buyer's Guide

The brake system is one of the most overlooked systems on our vehicles. Typically, until we hear the squealing from the pads, or we have ruptured a line while off-roading, we don't put much thought into brakes. This month, however, all of that is going to change! We have assembled some of today's hottest replacement components for your truck's brake system. Everything from fluid to complete systems to replacement lines has been included to hopefully spark your interest. Enjoy.

- Available for all '99-'04 Ford Super Duty trucks
- SuperBrakes are a complete thermally processed OEM replacement brake rotor and pad upgrade
- Increases rotor life up to five times
- Each rotor is treated to reduce internal stresses that cause premature cracking

For more information, contact: Off Road Unlimited, (818) 563-1208, www.offroadunlimited.com.

- Available for the all-new '08 Toyota Tundra
- Massive six-piston calipers
- Two-piece 14-inch floating brake discs
- Direct bolt-on application
- Fully compatible with Toyota's four-wheel ABS with Electronic Brake-Force Distribution system
- Does not affect the OE brake booster or master cylinder
- Works in forward, neutral, reverse, and park gears

For more information, contact: Brembo North America, (714) 641-5831, www.brembo.com.

- Braided stainless steel flexline kits are manufactured to the highest quality standards and are the perfect replacement for the OE rubber hoses found on factory brake systems
- Available in three styles and have been designed for each Ford or Chevrolet/GMC truck
- Premium-grade flexlines are durable and provide "hard line" pedal response under the most demanding conditions
- Available in assorted lengths for various applications, including lifted vehicles

For more information, contact: Wilwood Engineering, (805) 388-1188, www.wilwood.com.

- 16-inch directional, staggered-vane rotors
- Forged billet TC six-piston calipers
- System has been designed to resist deflection under heavy braking
- Decreases stopping distance over OE system
- Available for all Ford, Chevrolet, and Hummer trucks and SUVs

For more information, contact: Wilwood Engineering, (805) 388-1188, www.wilwood.com.

- Manufactured from aircraft-grade aluminum
- Provides accurate disc-brake fluid distribution and helps maintain correct brake bias
- Built-in brake-light switch

For more information, contact: Stainless Steel Brakes Corp., (800) 448-7722, www.ssbrakes.com.

- Six-piston calipers running on two-piece rotors
- Each kit is designed to work with the OE master cylinder, ABS, and traction-control systems
- Two-piece rotors are cross-drilled and slotted for optimum performance
- DOT-compliant and TUV-approved stainless steel lines are included
- Brackets and hardware are made from aerospace-grade materials and high-strength fasteners

For more information, contact: Stillen, (888) 455-0595, www.stillen.com.

- Designed with five layers of protection
- Increases the longevity of brake lines
- Provides better pedal pressure
- Impervious to wear, heat, and elements
- Easily installed to OE brake systems on many of today's popular trucks
- Assorted lengths for specific vehicle applications

For more information, contact: Inline Tube, (800) 385-9452, www.inlinetube.com.

- Exact Delco-style power booster with C14 rod
- Will bolt up in place of original factory booster
- Requires extended rod kit for pedal hookup
- Dual diaphragms increase brake-system performance and feel
- Available for '72-'93 GM and Chevrolet fullsize trucks
- Available in chrome

For more information, contact: Tuff Stuff Performance Accessories, (216) 961-1800, www.tuffstuffperformance.com.

- High-quality composition is ideal for off-roading and towing
- Maintains a higher boiling point than conventional brake fluids
- Features a unique Low Moisture Activity (LMA) formula that provides maximum protection against vaporlock brake failure
- Exceeds DOT 3 and DOT 4 requirements and offers superior protection against chloride and zinc corrosion of brake-system components

For more information, contact: Castrol, (800) 462-0835, www.castrol.com.

- Includes the 16 most popular sizes used on brake systems
- Includes both metric and imperial
- Includes both male- and female-size gauging
- Comes in a black, sturdy plastic case
- All threads are hardened for long life
- Male-thread gauge is designed with a seat, so you're able to use it as a plug
- Color-coded in groups for fast selection

For more information, contact: BrakeQuip LLC, (877) 431-0075, www.brakequip.com.

- Kevlar braided stainless steel brake-line kits for '79-'07 Dodge, Ford, and Chevrolet/GMC pickups (as well as Suburban, Tahoe, and Yukon models)
- Provides faster brake application and firmer pedal
- Each line contains a Kevlar braided sheath over extruded Teflon tubing, then protected with a stainless steel outer sleeve
- Complete three- or four-piece kits with crimped ends and special mounting brackets to fit Dodge pickups
- Certified by an independent testing lab to meet DOT FMVSS-106 specifications
- Each line is individually pressure-tested and approved

For more information, contact: EGR Performance Brakes, (800) 468-2279, www.egrbrakes.com.