Polaris RZR MasterCraft Seats - Strapping Yourself In

    Seats And Restraints For UTVs

    Jerrod JonesPhotographer, WriterRobin StoverPhotographer

    When you start working your UTV a little harder than it was designed for in stock form, you might find your stock seats to be a bit inadequate. The seats in our Polaris RZR were actually pretty nice, but once we put on a long-travel kit, it took our RZR's ability to a new level, and the stock seats and belts were no longer holding us in place.

    MasterCraft has been building seats for trucks and buggies for years, and now they've dipped into the UTV market, offering seats and adapter brackets to fit them in Rhinos and RZRs. We got a set of Sportsman seats to see if we could improve our butt placement in hard corners from now on. If our bodies could stay in place better behind the wheel, then we can better control our UTV.

    All Industries Performance (AIP) in Northridge, California, was able to get our seats and restraints in for us in less than an hour. Installing seats and belts in your UTV is fairly simple and requires no special tools.

    We really hammered through some whoop sections and into some tight corners to see how our spinal cords and butts would take it. The MasterCraft seats definitely kept our bodies in place during rough maneuvering, and the added cushion was welcomed. Control of the UTV was also improved, as we were no longer moving around in the seats.

    There is only so much a performance seat can do though, and we still got into some sections that left our backs feeling a little sore, so don't expect absolute miracles, but rather definite improvements.

    Make/Model: MasterCraft Sportsman
    Weight (lbs): 20
    Seatback: Fixed, high-back
    Belt Type: Five-point-harness compatible
    Size (in): 33x22x26.5
    Lumbar Support: Optional mechanical
    Colors: Black, gray, red/black, blue/black,
    gray/black, desert tan/haze
    Upholstery: Tweed/vinyl, cloth
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