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Dynatrac's Dyna Loc Locking Hubs - Dyna Locs Are Dynamite

Dynatrac's Locking Hubs

Jerrod JonesPhotographer, Writer

The time has come for stronger hubs. Our trucks need the increased strength to meet the demands of stouter drivetrains and higher-torque applications in today's off-road world. No longer are standard locking hubs holding up to the mega-horsepower engines and monster truck tires. We've just simply built our trucks to beyond the capacity that typical locking hubs were ever meant for.

And if you're not one of those guys who enjoys fixing things, then you might want to look into a set of Dynatrac's DynaLoc locking hubs. Through stress testing, the DynaLocs have been proven to be more than three times stronger than other standard locking hubs, and should they ever fail (there has not been one reported case yet), they'll default into a "locked" position instead of an "unlocked" position. But with the DynaLocs costing more than twice as much as other locking hubs, you'll have to decide for yourself whether it's worth it or not. But remember that if you're breaking hubs, then there's a good chance you've already spent more money on replacements than you would on one pair of DynaLocs.

We threw our set onto our big Super Duty, and though we haven't really bound-up the truck in some severe rockcrawling, we are never really kind to anything we use or test. And with 40-inch tires, a high-torque diesel engine, and a heavy curb weight, we can only imagine the stress we've been putting on these hubs. Due to their design, the inner and outer locks actually pull together when under stress, instead of trying to push apart. This only adds to their strength and durability.

One thing we have noticed is that the DynaLoc locking hubs are sometimes a bit tougher to get unlocked than typical hubs. If yours are bound up, and you can't turn the knob, then simply crank the steering wheel back and forth a couple times (while the truck is in 2WD), and you should be able to free them up.