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Yamaha Rhino Warn Bumper & Winch Install - A Rhino's Best Friend

Warn's Rhino Winch-And-Bumper Combo

Jeff DahlinPhotographerKevin BlumerPhotographer, Writer

Trucks get stuck. Jeeps get stuck. ATVs get stuck. Despite four-wheel drive and incredible maneuverability, sometimes Yamaha Rhinos get stuck too.

For those who end up in sticky situations, there's just no substitute for a stout, properly working winch and a solid bumper. Warn's legendary winch lineup includes not only the XT40 ATV winch but a Rhino-specific bumper upon which to mount it.

The XT40's standard features are impressive: It's factory-equipped with a synthetic winch rope, a wireless remote, and a manual push-button remote. Its 4,000-pound pulling capacity provides a large factor of safety for pulling lightweight vehicles, such as the Rhino, out of trouble.

Warn's Rhino bumper is application-specific and easy to install. The XT40 winch is intended for multiple applications. This means you'll have to spend some time sleuthing for proper wire-routing and hardware-mounting locations. Warn's instructions are pretty good, and it would have saved some frustration to have sat down and read through them before jumping into the installation, but that's not how it happened. We plunged headlong into the process and had to backtrack and crack open the instruction pamphlet. Our installation session ended successfully, but not without some colorful words and a trip to the parts store for a toggle switch and some extra wire. If you're short on time or patience, it would be worthwhile to pay your favorite Yamaha or Warn dealer to do the installation for you.

Just as with trucks and Jeeps, a winch is something that you may not use very often. Just the same, when you get yourself hopelessly stuck, you'll suddenly understand why a Warn bumper-and-winch combo is a Rhino's best friend.