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All Pro Off Road Rhino Body & Suspension - The All-Pro Package

Decking Out A Rhino

Jerrod JonesPhotographer, Writer

Rhinos still dominate the UTV scene, but RZRs and Teryxs are coming on fast. Almost every company that makes products for a Rhino now makes products for all three. All-Pro Off-Road is no different. Though they started with the Rhino equipment first, the Teryx and RZR packages will be available by the time you read this.

All-Pro got its start in the 1990s specializing in Toyota equipment, which it still does to this day. But All-Pro has expanded its line-up and has made the crossover to the side-x-side market. All-Pro's new 4-inch-wider-per-side suspensions are mid-level kits in between most bolt-on long-travel kits and the fully custom weld-on kits that take an extensive amount of labor to put on.

Though we checked out their Rhino, All-Pro's RZR kit was in the back of the shop, ready to go, and the Teryx's kit was on the development table....

All-Pro includes new axleshafts with their suspension system, built by Summer Bros. from 4340 chromoly steel. These are obviously a necessity with the kit since the suspension widens the Rhino 4 inches per side.

The front suspension is 4 inches wider per side. It yields 15 inches of travel and using a Fox 10-inch stroke 2.0 coilover with a remote reservoir. Dual-rate Eibach coil springs ride on each front coilover shock. The upper and lower A-arms bolt into the stock suspension points and pivot on 5/8-inch rod ends. At the spindle side, the lower A-arm uses a 7/8-inch uniball. New stainless steel braided lines are provided for the front as well, though this first-edition kit we shot came with heavy duty rubber lines.

What makes the All-Pro kit unique is the arm and coilover design. With all other bolt-on kits, the coilover mounts to the upper A-arm. This puts a lot of force on the spindle and negates any possibility of using a long shock.

All-Pro's kit uses a 10-inch stroke coilover mounted to the lower A-arm, with the coilover standing in a more upright position. Their special upper J-arm allows them to mount the coilover like this without any interference.

New steering tie rods are also included with the kit, taking of advantage of the same 5/8-inch rod ends that the A-arms do.

Should you choose to go with a complete package from All-Pro Off-Road, you'll be able to get yourself a much sturdier and safer rollcage than the factory unit. One 3/4-inch DOM rollcage tubing is welded into a sturdy cage with ice-chest holders (or spare tire holders) built into the rear. The All-Pro Rhino rollcage bolts directly to the factory rollcage points making for a 100-percent bolt-on installation.

All-Pro also has a prerunner bar available that can be ordered with light tabs or without.

The rear suspension is more conventional, closely paralleling the design of most bolt-on suspension kits. The rear 2.0 coilovers have a 6 1/2-inch stroke and mount to the lower A-arms as well, just like they do in stock configuration. In the rear, the boxed A-arms pivot on Delran bushings and yield a total travel of 14 inches.

Eibach single rear coils are used on the rear Fox coilovers