Ford Super Duty Powerstroke Fuel Injectors - Curing Our STD: Part 3

Powerstroke Engine Woes No More

Jerrod JonesPhotographer, Writer

If you've been reading the last few issues of Off-Road, then you've seen that we're revamping our longtime Ford Super Duty project truck. We're turning it into a true support truck for the magazine: it's our chase truck, tow truck, and mild off-roader. In other words, this is our rescue and work truck for when we break everything else. But our Super Turd Diesel (STD) hasn't run right in over four years, and without the engine running correctly, there's really no point to address anything else. Funnily enough, the STD has had probably four different suspensions installed on it in the last couple years. But we've never given this poor truck enough love to take it down to have that pesky 6.0L Powerstroke engine fixed!

When we finally got it to the (unnamed) Ford dealership, the mechanics told us the engine was shot, and that we were looking at quite an expensive repair bill. But the engine didn't feel 'shot'. Instead, it felt more like the engine wasn't getting fuel part of the time (possibly a fuel regulation issue). Not accepting the dead engine theory, we took full advantage of our magazine contacts and started making calls until we found two different recommendations to a shop that could fix any Powerstroke problem we could have. Diesel Tech in San Jacinto, California, specializes in Super Duty trucks (picture ten racks, nine of them loaded with Super Dutys) and the guys there have seen any and every problem that the 6.0-liter Powerstroke can manifest.

We walked along with Loren Taylor, Diesel Tech's owner, as he pointed out not only the problems on our truck, but also other common 6.0L ailments. If you've got a 6.0L that's having some problems, then maybe you should check with Diesel Tech too. Half an hour after we got to the shop, Taylor had already hooked up his impressive engine diagnostics software and found the problems that had plagued this truck for years.

Was our engine 'shot', like we had been told? No, far from it. In fact, our head gaskets weren't even blown (a common problem on 6.0L)! All that was wrong with our 6.0Lwere three wasted fuel injectors and a bad fan clutch. They were definitely enough issue to cause our STD to run hot and like junk, but hardly reasons for trashing an engine. I guess we'll just have to spend that $10,000 we saved for a new engine somewhere else....

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