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We Install And Test PRP's UTV Seats - Supple Comfort

We Install And Test PRP's UTV Seats

Robin StoverPhotographer, Writer

Anyone who's purchased a stock side-x-side knows how little comfort the stock seats provide. Designed as a cost-effective solution, O.E. seats simply fall short when it comes to comfort, support and aesthetics. In the case of the Yamaha Rhino, the factory rubber seating surface can actually get pretty darn hot when left in direct sunlight, requiring a towel or quick rinse off with water to ensure comfort. Additionally these rubber seats offer little cushion for your back side- never a good thing to mix with aggressive driving. This is where Premier Racing Products (PRP) of Murrieta, California comes to the rescue. PRP's UTV-specific seats offer significant improvements in both comfort and safety over the factory units. Comprised of a tubular steel frame, water resistant internal liner materials and high quality tweed exterior fabric, the PRP seats are designed to hold up through years of exposure in the great outdoors. They also offer superior suspension for your body thanks to specially designed lacing that stretches during hard impacts. What's more impressive however, is the fact that these replacement front seats mount directly to the factory Rhino seat pans, making the installation process super-easy. We performed the job ourselves in a matter of minuets using little more than a battery-powered impact gun, two metric sockets, and a crescent wrench.

The PRP Rhino High Back seats certainly smooth out the larger bumps in the trail. We also felt more planted in the seats thanks to the additional side bolstering. In every scenario we thought the PRP seats were a generous improvement over the stock seats. Longer rides left us feeling less fatigue than before and the overall gain in safety attributed to the incorporated head rests gave us piece of mind for the unexpected. The fact that the installation took less than 15 minutes made us smile. We're slightly concern about the new seat's ability to shed water compared to the O.E. rubber seats, but at the end of the day we still think the trade off in comfort is well worth a little extra drying time when required.