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2008 Yamaha Rhino 700 - Project Built To Win

Delving Into Engine Performance

Robin StoverPhotographerJay KopycinskiPhotographer, Writer

Well we missed a couple of months not showing you an update on our give-a-way Rhino. But, rest assured it hasn't gone away and you can look forward to the buildup in upcoming issues of OFF-ROAD Magazine.

To recap, the guys at Rigid Industries in Mesa, Arizona, are plunking down the dough to build up a '08 Yamaha Rhino 700 with some cool performance and safety goodies. Then, it's all to be given away to some lucky reader of our UTV specific mini-mag SideBySource.

In each issue we're detailing a piece of the build up, and you can go to Rigid's website (www.rigidindustries.com) to fill out an online entry form. The winner will be drawn at random at OFF-ROAD Magazine headquarters on September 10, 2009. Limit one entry per household address. In our October '08 issue we detailed the start of the project. The builders at Rigid Industries took the stock '08 Rhino and added their mid-travel suspension kit to add lift, track width, handling, and stability. The goal is to provide a reliable rig that can competently handle a wide range of terrain from mild rock running to sandy dunes. Now we know we can only have one lucky winner, so hopefully you're watching Rigid build your new ride. For the rest of you, we hope you'll benefit from seeing how this Rhino is built and get some ideas for making your own ride better.

This month it's time to take a look into improving the engine performance of the machine. A stock Rhino 700 will spin about 26 rear-wheel horsepower on the dyno. Rigid has worked hard to assemble a system of matched components that play well together to give you improved torque and horsepower, and do so while maintaining smooth bottom end power. Using the components we'll describe here, the dyno spit out a result exceeding 36 hp, for a better than 40 percent increase over stock.

Next month, we'll show you the second piece of the power performance puzzle when we see how Rigid uses their custom clutch sheave to help put the new found power to the ground in a more effective manner.

Stay tuned, and don't forget to enter to win the Rigid Industries built Yamaha Rhino!