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Yamaha Rhino Bestop Bikini Top - Top That!

Our Rhino Gets Some Protection From The Elements Courtesy Of Bestop

Dexter Roberts Jr.Photographer, Writer

We realized some time ago that we wanted to take our Rhino out to this year's King of the Hammers race. It would be an ideal ride for putting around, we could watch the action from the Rhino's seats, and we could probably get in some 'wheeling of our own in at some point during the weekend. During the weeks before the race, several storms hit the mountains and wilderness areas surrounding Southern California, reminding us that we would be watching a race situated at a place where we could get frostbite and a sunburn at the same time. We also occasionally see rain around here, and it would never stop us from taking the Rhino out into the dirt, but some coverage would keep us a little drier (and cleaner) the next time it rains. We mentioned this to our friends at Bestop, who sent down three pieces from their new UTV line. Armed with a Bikini Top, a Windjammer (rear soft window), and a Duster (bedcover), we were much better equipped to deal with the harsh conditions often faced while out on the trails

"Installation" is a relative term here. If you understand how to secure a strap, you're in fine shape. The bikini top required that we use a couple of existing bolt holes to secure strap anchors, and we used the supplied adhesive strips when we put on the Duster, but that was pretty much it. Bestop has been making full Jeep tops for as long as anyone remembers, so we're guessing that developing well-fitting UTV top accessories was child's play for them. We had all three pieces on the Rhino in about a half-hour.