2009 Polaris Ranger RZR S Upgrades - Better Than Before

    Our RZR Gets Beadlocks, Tires, Winch, And Pre-Runner Guard

    Phil HowellPhotographer, Writer

    If you've been reading 4 WHEEL DRIVE & SPORT UTILITY MAGAZINE for a while, you know we really like our Polaris Ranger RZR S. It not only goes very fast (!), it's a superb trail machine, too. As we've said in every installment, the 12 inches of wheel travel supplied by the long A-arms and Fox Podium reservoir shocks make the RZR S the perfect trail side-by-side. Its spool rear and locker up front have all four turning, no matter if some are in the air. The 800 (760cc) transversely-mounted EFI four-stroke twin makes the RZR S feel balanced and stable. The mill runs, no matter what the altitude or attitude.

    There have been times on the trail, especially when we're exploring solo (something we don't recommend), that we wished we had a winch. A winch can mean the difference between getting back or...not. So, we ordered Polaris' own 3,500-pound 3.5 RZR winch kit and the Polaris pre-runner guard for the RZR. The Polaris pre-runner guard isn't necessary to install the winch, but it helps protect the frontend of the RZR, so is a good addition.

    John Williams at Impulse Off-Road in St. George, Utah, helped us out at his new shop. The winch and pre-runner guard bolted on the RZR S easily (all the holes lined up) and John's wiring was flawless. Now that we had the winch taken care of, it was time to get some new tires.

    We've used Interco Swamp Lite ATV tires before, so we are familiar with them. An aggressive tread design that works well almost everywhere and tough nylon bias-ply construction means these tires are great if you're heading into rough territory. For wheels, the RZR S has a 4x156mm bolt pattern, different from most ATVs and UTVs, so there aren't many wheels available for it. OMF Performance takes the OE RZR alloy wheel and makes it a beadlock. The result is a strong, good-looking wheel. We opted for the polished, scalloped ring, but the ring is also available in many anodized colors. Now the Swamp Lites won't come off the bead, no matter how low we go.

    The RZR S is even better than before. The Polaris 3.5 winch gives us peace of mind in the backcountry, and the pre-runner guard keeps the front end safe from branches, bushes, and plowing into a sand bank. The Swamp Lite tires don't float at high speed and the OMF/Polaris beadlock wheels keep the tires safely on the wheel.

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