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Rebuilding A Limited Slip Differential - Trac-Lok Rebuild

Will Your Dodge 9.25 Grenade?

Jay KopycinskiPhotographer, Writer

It was almost pure luck that we caught the disintegration in this rear axle before the internals suffered irreparable damage. An odd chunk of metal was found at the bottom of the differential housing during a routine fluid change and we knew it was time to dig deeper into the axle.

This Dodge 1500 4WD uses the Chrysler 9.25 rear axle equipped with a Dana Trac-Lok clutch-type limited slip differential. The action of this particular unit had grown gradually weaker over the years and eventually the cupped spring plates started to fatigue and fracture. We found some spring-plate debris lurking in the oil.

Fortunately, the metal shard had fallen harmlessly to the bottom of the housing and not traveled its way across the gear surfaces or been crunched up in some other rotating portion of the assembly. If you catch one in this condition, you can do the internal rebuild job we describe here for about $100 in parts and fluids. However, if the metal pieces have resulted in internal carnage, it may be necessary to replace most or all of the differential components. In the latter case, many more dollars will fly out of your wallet for the repair.