The DMZ Cure For Broken Toyota Motor Mounts

    Fixing Broken Toyota Motor Mounts

    If you’ve got an ’05-and-newer Tacoma, an ’07-and-newer FJ Cruiser, or an ’03-and-newer 4Runner, you need to crawl under your Toy and check your motor mounts.

    Despite their otherwise glowing reliability record, Toyota’s latest midsize offerings have a motor mount design that’s prone to cracking at the bottom edge of the motor mount perch. Worst-case scenarios have the frame rail’s inner face buckling and the engine dropping a few inches before the problem is discovered.

    The basic problem with the design is that the engine’s weight is carried entirely on the frame rail’s inner face. Toyota came out with a revised design that has a secondary plate under the motor mount, but even this doesn’t fix the aforementioned basic problem.

    DMZ Fab & Race Prep has seen more than a few broken Toyota motor mounts and has created an innovative gusset system that cures this ailment for good. The key to the DMZ gusset system is that it ties the motor mount to the bottom of the frame rail with a pair of stiff ribs. Problem solved.

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