Firestik Firefly Antenna And RF Parts Company Mount - Hear And Be Heard

Short Antenna, Compact Mount, Huge Difference

Kevin BlumerPhotographer, Writer

In the dirt, especially when traveling with a group, radio communications save time and hassle. If you've ever done the "stop and huddle" method of communicating, you know that there's no comparison to lazily picking up a microphone and transmitting directly to the rest of the conga line. No stopping, no waving, and no looking for convenient pull-off places next to the trail.

At the same time radios and antennas can be a hassle. Antennas are particularly grievous offenders. How many times has a magnetic mount antenna been swept off of your roof by a marauding branch? And what about that monster-sized coaxial cable that tweaks and squashes weather stripping because you have no other choice but to shut the door on it? Finally, how much can you really hear through that cheapie antenna?

The RF Parts Company in San Marcos, California, has an antenna kit that addresses all of the above-mentioned gripes with our antenna. The kit consists of a powerful Firestik FireFly antenna, a versatile, low-profile mounting bracket, and a super-skinny, ultra-flexible cable.

If you need to hear and be heard and you need that capability wrapped in a low-profile, rugged package, then the RF Parts antenna kit is tailor-made for you.