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BDS Long-Arm Suspension 6-inch Lift Kit - Dodge Ram

Long Arm Dodge Lifting

Chris RogersPhotographer, Writer

As prices come down on the very last of the Dodge trucks (remember, they’re “Ram” trucks now), more guys are starting to lift them up. It’s easier on the mind (and wallet) if you off-road with a cheaper truck, and “used” always equates to cheaper. That’s why you sometimes see new suspension systems come out for older trucks. Demand for certain kits can actually increase after trucks are a generation old, and BDS knows that only too well. That’s why they’ve rereleased the 6-inch long-arm kit for ’03-to-’09 Dodge 2500 and 3500 4x4 trucks with a new long-arm bracket that is easier to install, along with options like Fox Performance Series shocks and full-replacement leaf packs.

Off Road Power Products in Spokane, Washington, teamed up with Hazzard Fabworx and got the entire kit on a 2009 diesel Mega Cab 4x4 in about a full workday, utilizing two guys to complete the job.

With the BDS long-arm kit installed on this Dodge, the owner put some 37-inch Toyo Open Country M/Ts onto factory Ram wheels after powdercoating them black.