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HotHead Seat Covers

Slip-On Seat Covers Like No Other

Phil HowellPhotographer, Writer

Mark Ambrose, owner of Ambrose Upholstery and HotHead Headliners, had the initial idea to create new upholstery for JK Wrangler seats that could be installed by anyone at home. As he worked, he realized designing the new upholstery to slip over the original OE seat covers could eliminate hours of labor. His main goal was for the seat covers to be indistinguishable from new upholstery and be easy to install. He accomplished that goal.

HotHead Seat Covers are made by expert upholsterers in a custom upholstery shop using only high-end materials. The JK seat covers are available in quality leather, leather with suede inserts, leather and vinyl, or vinyl in colors of your choice. We ordered our black leather seat covers with black perforated leather inserts. The seats come with matching headrest covers. A matching center console pad is available, too.

The HotHead Seat Covers were easy to install. The covers are tight going on over the stock seats, so they need to be massaged into place to get the wrinkles out. Following the easy online video instructions, we ended up with Wrangler seats that look better and are more comfortable than any OE Wrangler ever was.

We chose leather because it's easy to clean (look how well it works on cows), and it looks and feels great. HotHead Seat Covers are a great addition to any JK Wrangler.