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A New Ride For Mud Life - Swamp Buggy

A New Ride for the Magazine!

Chris HamiltonPhotographer, Writer

With over 15,000 in attendance at most of the major mud events, the size of the off-road parks we frequently visit have been expanding past the capabilities of our old trusty photography rig and new golf cart. The mud pits are getting deeper, the action more intense. We needed a way to get into the middle of the mayhem to catch the craziest activities at the parks.

Our friends at the White City Boyz shop had an old platform buggy lying around that we took off their hands for a great price. The buggy was built on a Dodge Ram 2500 chassis and sported a diesel Cummins engine. It will be the perfect platform for us to cruise the parks and a huge target for the drivers to aim at when we're out shooting features and trying for that coveted cover shot.

Currently the buggy is riding on the factory 1-ton axles, which will make for some great tech articles since we have had a lot of requests for 1-ton tech. We'll also be bolting on a set of 24-inch stagger fit wheels from PlanB-Fab and another set of 14.9x24 paddle tires from Superior Traction, which will give folks a few more options when looking around to upgrade their 1-ton wheels and tires. Down the line we'll also show you how to swap out the factory frame for a custom-built straight frame from Big Head Aluminum.

For now we focused on the visual aspect of this buggy by calling up Sean Peacock with The Graphix Shop out of Eastman, Georgia. Sean is credited with working alongside big names like Lenny Cooper and a ton of other upcoming talent. Without hesitation, Sean printed out our design and drove down to the St. Lucie Mud Jam in Florida to do the install. We were quite impressed. In cold weather and heavy winds he got the wrap installed like the pro he is, and the layout turned out perfect. We were very excited to show it off.

Next time you see this rig at an event make sure you yell out "Mud Life!" You just may see your picture in the magazine, or get some stickers or a T-shirt thrown at ya! Stay tuned for more tech and information on our badass buggy. Think about it: Building a buggy is a great way to get that wrecked truck off your property!