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Fluids For A Mud Truck - Topping Off With Amsoil

Getting F-1Filthy Ready for Its Maiden Voyage

Chris HamiltonPhotographer, Writer

Now that our project rig, F-1Filthy, has its suspension and motor back in place, we can start preparing the moving parts by lubricating everything necessary to fire it up. We will be pushing this rig through some really intense muddy and wet terrain, so when the decision came down to choosing the fluids for this weekend warrior, AMSOIL was the first name that came to mind.

We needed a complete array of lubricants that can protect everything from the axles to the engine. With proven products for reducing friction and the negative impact of a harsh environment, AMSOIL was a clear choice for our truck. We gave Scott McCutcheon a ring at Bio-Tech Products of Florida to get suggestions on lubricants. Scott has helped some of the fastest mega race trucks on the Trucks Gone Wild circuit by providing the highest-quality lubricants.

Scott recommended we go with AMSOIL: Dominator 15W-50 racing motor oil, 75W-140 gear lube, transmission, steering, and brake fluid. AMSOIL fluids are known to fully protect the internals of your powerplant even under extremely high and low temperatures, which is great for anyone out mudding in the heat of the summer. The last thing we want to do is spend three months building and preparing for an off-road event only to break on the first day due to cheap lubricants. The old saying is true: You get what you pay for.

Scott spent time on the phone with Brian Stone from WCB talking lubricants and engine protection. Scott recommended Severe Gear 75W-140 Gear Lube product code SVO, Super Shift Synthetic Racing Transmission Fluid product code ART, AMSOIL Synthetic Power Steering Fluid product code PSF,AMSOIL Synthetic Brake Fluid BF3SN, and AMSOIL Dominator Racing Oil product code RD50. These lubricants have proven their worth in big-horsepower engines and muddy conditions.

Now that our 460ci big-block Ford engine was bolted back into the truck, the oil and transmission fluid could be replenished. The Dominator series of racing fluid is engineered to withstand the elevated rpm, high temperatures, and shock loading that we are accustomed to in off-road racing. Heat and friction caused by deep mud racing can restrict your engine's power. Maximum horsepower and cooler engine temperatures are proven to improve performance and allow components to last longer.

AMSOIL Servere Gear Lube was added to the differentials. We installed a set of Detroit Lockers in the front and rear axles, and the last thing we wanted was failure due to improper lubrication. Higher-horsepower engines designed for towing and hauling are especially prone to severe “thermal runaway.” Wear, pitting, and scoring are greatly reduced with AMSOIL technology, which form an iron-sulfide barrier on gear surfaces.

The Amsoil synthetic power steering fluid should keep this rig under control under hard and high-temperature steering conditions like Hill N Hole racing. It's compatible with all hydraulic steering systems out there.

The Plan B Fab brake setup we are using is really unique. We want to protect the brakes and get the best braking performance we can out of them. We don't trust common auto parts store brake fluid. It may be great for our daily driver but not a mud truck. AMSOIL high-performance synthetic brake fluid, we're told, can withstand extreme use under high pressure and temperatures. The chemistryz in the fluid increase the boiling point well beyond DOT standards.

Stay tuned to our fluid review after testing out this intense rig. Once we flush the motor out a few times and get a couple good runs in the old Ford, we will drain and compare the fluids with Scott. Look for that in an upcoming issue.