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Synergy Manufacturing Portable Shower Kit

Dirt Bath

Fred WilliamsPhotographer, Writer

Everyone has their own level of comfort. Some of us don’t mind the grit and grime of a week in the dirt four-wheeling, and others wouldn’t mind a warm rinse at the end of a dusty day. Synergy Manufacturing has just introduced a solution for those looking for a hint of comfort on their next wheeling trip: the Sit, Shower, and Shave mobile shower kit.

This underhood shower system uses your engine’s hot radiator coolant to heat clean water through a heat exchanger. This water is pumped to a handheld shower head, allowing you to spray off the dust of a long day on the trail.

We recently spent a long weekend on the infamous Rubicon trail, and Synergy was there showing off the shower and how you can take stream water, heat it up, and have the luxury of a shower out in the dirt.