Tiregate Bed Mount Tire Holder - Bed-Mounting Your Spare

    Quick And Easy Tire Holder

    Jerrod JonesPhotographer, Writer

    When you put larger tires on your truck or SUV, the space allocated for spare tire mounting quickly becomes useless. And, unfortunately, spare tires are invaluable.

    That's why TireGate has been making a number of solutions for truck and SUV owners to mount spare tires. One of our old favorites is this Bed Mount Tire Holder. Two plates sandwich the truck bed and make a strong base that anchors the spare tire setup. The lower plate has a large nut that the Y-bar threads into. The Y-bar and its polyurethane wheel cone hold the spare tire and wheel tight to the bed. It's a simple solution to a big (tire) problem.

    Remember that a spare tire is weight, and where you put that weight can change the way your vehicle handles. If mounting in the bed, we suggest putting the Bed Mount Tire Holder either over or forward of the rear axle (closer to the cab) in the bed, to keep the added weight placed in between the front and rear tires.