Rubicon Fighter

How To Build A Budget JK

Verne SimonsPhotographer, Writer

We don’t know about you, but a newish JK Rubicon ain’t fitting in our magazine editor budget. Maybe that’s good since the reports of Rubicon Dana 44s suffering from bending, worn ball joints, and expensive locker failures abound. And the Rubicon’s 4:1 Rock-Track T-case is too low for many types of wheeling. Perhaps it’s just us, but even if we could afford a new JK, we doubt we’d check that expensive Rubicon option box at the dealer.

What would we do? Well, while a ’12 JK Rubicon would be nice, a ’07 X is much closer to our budget. A quick search in our area yielded a brand new ’12 JK Rubicon two-door for $33,000 and an ’08 two-door JK X for just $15,000. We can do a lot with $17,000. Like pay down a mortgage. We could also use a fraction of that cash to build our X into something that would easily hang with a stock Rubi off-road.