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How to Install the New Pro Comp 6-inch Excursion Lift

Wendy FrazierPhotographer, Writer

In 1999, Michael Jordan retired from basketball, Wayne Gretzky from hockey, and Ford introduced the 2000 Excursion. While all the comings and goings of people and products were being noted, several companies were working, thankfully, on designing a lift for the big boy Excursion and Super Duty trucks.

One of these companies, Explorer ProComp, now boasts a new 6-incher that renovates the Brady Bunch stock Excursion into something closer to Xena Warrior Princess—minus the princess—that allows you to stuff a set of 35s under it. We went to our local 4 Wheel Parts Performance Center in Burbank, where they were installing the new 6-inch lift on the biggest of the big—the Excursion. The same kit is available for the Super Duty trucks. However, it only yields 4 inches of lift.

It doesn’t need to be said, but installing any suspension product is easier with a hydraulic lift. Most of us don’t own a hydraulic lift so…make sure to park your vehicle on a flat, hard surface. Stabilize the vehicle by blocking the rear tires and setting the parking brake. Inspect the kit to ensure that it is complete. Start by removing the driver-side track rod bolt at the frame mount, then raise the front of the vehicle and support the frame with jackstands behind the front springs. Check out the rest of the install as we “raise the Titanic.”

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