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A Hi-Lift Attachment You Need

Tool Wise--the Jack-Mate

John CappaPhotographer, Writer

Tools are like a driver’s license: You never need them until you get caught without them. One tool that has proved itself extremely useful on the trail is a Hi-Lift Jack. Bottle jacks and OE jacks just don’t cut it in the rough. However, sometimes a Hi-Lift can use a little help. We had a chance to try out a Rescue 42 Jack-Mate and found that our Hi-Lift could become way more useful than we thought just by adding an attachment.

The Jack-Mate is made from ultra-thick material and is spray-arc welded together. If you’re not familiar with this particular weld process, it’s used to assemble tractors and excavation buckets; you get the idea—it’s strong. The Jack-Mate can be used to replace the original baseplate and clamp attachment or be used in addition to these pieces. It comes complete with removable pins for simple assembly. Check out the photos for some of its uses.