PreRunner Guardian Front Bumper For 1969 Ford Bronco - Nine Great Parts You Can Install Now

    Protect Your Nose

    Ken BrubakerPhotographer, Writer

    We're installing this PreRunner Guardian front bumper for eary Ford Broncos from Wild Horses on a 1969 Ford Bronco. This is a heavy duty truck bumper comes with a winch mount, side protectors, and light tabs for four wheelers looking to install a winch or off road lights! Read more inside Four Wheeler Magazine.

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    One of the first things you realize after hitting the trail is that your rig's stock bumper just isn't going to cut it. A decent whack will make stock bumpers crumple like tin foil. To successfully negotiate the trails without worrying about damage, you need to get your hands on a bumper that is capable of taking a beating. With that in mind, we went to the folks at Wild Horses to add some armor to the front of our '69 Bronco. The Pre-Runner Guardian front bumper for early Broncos is made from 2-inch, 0.120-wall tubing, so these bumpers are plenty stout. The newer Guardian series also includes side protectors in its design to protect the vulnerable corners of your rig. Another highlight of the bumper is a ready-to-go winch mount that accepts most popular winches, making it ideal for those looking for a bashable winch mount. Two light tabs are also built into the bumper for those looking to add lights for nighttime excursions. Once painted, the bumper installs easily and took us one hour to throw on.