Bushwacker Pocket Style Fender Flares

    Flare Up

    Ken BrubakerPhotographer, Writer

    If you've installed wider tires on your rig and/or bolted on wheels with more offset, you've probably noticed that the tires are spewing gunk down the side of your truck. Fortunately, add-on fender flares such as Bushwacker Pocket Style flares are an easy solution to this problem. In this application, a 2006 Dodge Ram 2500, the flares offer 2 1/2 inches of tire coverage and they install in the existing factory holes with no drilling or cutting. They offer 100-percent UV protection, so they won't chalk, crack, or warp. They have decorative stainless-steel hardware for a bolt-on look, and come in a matte black finish that can be easily painted.

    For this specific install, the team at Attitude Performance in Arlington Heights, Illinois, sent the flares out to a body shop to be painted to match the customer's truck. After they were painted, the install took a little over an hour.

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