Ford F-150 Body Skins - Glassworks Unlimited Fiberglass Fenders and Bedside

    Fiberglass, Front Bumper and Rigid Lighting

    Jay KopycinskiPhotographer, Writer

    In our last installment, we pushed the performance level on our 2006 2WD F-150 with the installation of a JD Fabrication long-travel suspension kit and Bilstein dampers. So, next, it was time to get some fenders back over the wide track from the JD kit and make room for the tires to take advantage of the 16 inches of usable wheel travel we now have.

    We turned to Glassworks Unlimited for fiberglass front fenders and bedsides for this project, and purchased a four-piece set of panels for our F-150. The fenders we ordered offer a 4-inch flare and 3-inch rise at the fender arch over the stock fenders. They've also been enlarged to create a wider opening at the back edge near the door for better tire clearance. They will match great with the JD kit that pushes each tire out 4 inches over stock. We're headed towards running 37-inch tires soon, so the flare and rise will make room for stuffing the larger rubber under the front end.

    Out back, we chose to use Glassworks fiberglass bedsides for the '04-to-‘08 F-150 with a 4.5-inch flare and 3-inch rise over stock. They come with a contoured area for the fuel-filler door and can be used with the stock tailgate. While it's possible to work with the stock metal bedsides and pull them out almost 1-1/2 inches, it requires inner fender slicing and some reconstruction behind the outer bed panel. We were looking for a little more bedside width, so the replacement bedsides fit the build plan better.

    When the fiberglass arrived, we set to work stripping off the factory pieces and installing the Glassworks replacements. The fenders were mostly a bolt-on affair, with some minor trimming and fitment work. The bedsides were more involved, but still manageable as a DIY home project.

    Check out our latest progress this month on our Fast-150.

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