2007 Jeep Wrangler JK Bestop Trektop NX install

    Two Chicks, One Top

    Pete TrasborgPhotographer, Writer

    God’s honest truth, Trasborg had already installed this top before this photo shoot. He did it in the dark and was never quite happy with it. So, we got to talking about it with Michele and Angel over a couple of beers, and they bet they could do it better than he could. You might remember Michele from our Nov. ’08 cover and our Jeepers Jamboree coverage (she was the Jeep chick airing down the tire). Angel is her niece and has been playing off-road since she was knee-high to a grasshopper. It must run in the family. The only right response Trasborg could make to the challenge was, “OK, I’ll take that bet, and I’ll bring my camera.” And an installation photo shoot was born.

    We put the top on our two-door ’07 JK, but the four-door top comes together much the same as what you see here. We dig it, because it gets rid of the bows, and while the side windows are removable, we hardly ever pull the side windows anyway. It is tight on the highway with normal or less-than-normal flapping, and it is still easy to make a Bluetooth-equipped phone call. Once we added the soft doors, deaf-old Trasborg had some issues hearing the other end of the call but still managed. The Sunrider feature, which is a quick-flip sunroof, is super easy to use, and the ladies seem to like it. Being in Southern California, we went with the tinted windows. So far, they have been holding their own against all kinds of abuse: trees, dirt, mud, tree sap, and so forth.

    It turns out that when Michele and Angel team up on a top install, they make Trasborg look silly, and not just because he looks silly to begin with. They did it in half the time and came up with a couple of cool tricks on how to make the top tighter and fit better along the way. It turns out that their finesse is better than Trasborg’s gorilla-like tactics. Here’s how the top goes together.

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