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Bolt-In EVO Jeep JK Chromoly Cage Kit

EVO MFG Jeep JK Cage Kit

Stuart A. BourdonPhotographer, Writer

Once you begin off-roading with any sort of regularity and enthusiasm it becomes clear—through first-hand experience, observance of another’s mistake, or just plain common sense—that replacing or augmenting the factory tube cage (if it has one) is a really good idea. The Jeep Wrangler JK offers a decent tube cage right out of the factory, but as we have suggested, eventually your thoughts turn to getting something better. EVO Manufacturing has a pretty good option in its EVO MFG Chromoly Sport Cage kit (P/N EVO-1156).

The kit features A-pillar supports, a dash crossmember, upper cross bar, center bar, connector plates; all are formed from chromoly steel for the ultimate strength and durability. Installation is easy but not quick. It requires trimming of some interior pieces and drilling into body sheetmetal and factory cage tubes.

A standard tool set, drill and drill bit set, Torx set, and Dremel or barrel sander are needed for installation. We strongly recommend you test-fit parts before painting or powdercoating and thoroughly read the instructions before starting this project. The kit comes with hardware, but some factory hardware is reused during installation, so don’t go chucking it into the trash right away. Follow along as we walk you through the major points of our installation of the EVO Manufacturing Chromoly Sport Cage.

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